21 Jul, 2020

Monsoon Damage 2077

Distribution of Water-induced Disaster in Nepal


Geospatial distribution of human loss and casualties at district level.

Weekly Review between 11 -16 July 2020

The Southwest Monsoon became active in Nepal from 12th JUNE 2020. Since the starts of monsoon water-induced disasters happen wintry within the country. According the news bulleting of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA), the first month since the monsoon starts (between 12 June and 11 July) caused total death by landslide 76, flood 2 and 17 by lightening. But after one week between 11 July and 16 July the death toll of all these reached to 68, disappeared or not identified 38 and 67 were injured. The distribution was mainly concentrated in the mid-hill region and landslide was the major event. According to the other news media reports the concentration of landslide is mainly along the roadside and death toll seems to be concentrated along the debris fan along the roadside.  The spatial distribution of death toll and casualties are given in the map 01.